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Recorded Boats
12ft punt
A. K. Ilen
Aigh Vie - Manx Nobby
Curach Adhmaid
Currach - Blasket Island
Currach - Inisheer Island
Currach - Inishturk Island
Currach - Inishkea Island
Currach - Scattery Island
Fishing Smack - Richard Hall
Free State
Galway hooker
Galway Hooker - Gleoiteog
Hanorah - Heir Island lobster Boat
Kerry Naomhóg
Kinsale Hooker
Lake Angling Boat - Lough Corrib
Lough Erne YC - Model 1
Lough Erne YC - Model 2
Lough Erne YC - Model 3
Lough Erne YC - Model 4
Lough Erne YC - Model 5
Lough Erne YC - Model 6
Lough Erne YC - Model 7
Lough Erne YC - Model 8
Lough Erne YC - Model 9
Naomh Brigid
Naomh Lua
Rankin dinghy
Seine Follower Boat
Tern - Hegarty Lobster Boat
Three Hand Kerry Naomhog - Model
Topaz - Manx Nobby
Water Nymph 1885
West Cork Mackerel Yawl
Jimmy Furey
Walter Levigne
McDonalds - Model 1
McDonalds - Model 2
McDonalds - Model 3
McDonalds - Model 4
McDonalds - Model 5
Tyrells - 35ft Motor Fishing Vessel
Tyrells - Model 1
Tyrells - Model 2
Tyrells - Model 3
Tyrells - Model 4
Tyrells - Model 5
Tyrells - Model 6
Tyrells - Model 7
Tyrells - Model 8
Tyrells - Model 9
Tyrells - Shipwright
Daingean Museum Store
Four Oared Boat
Two-masted carvel-built boat
GreenCastle Museum
GreenCastle Museum Model 1
GreenCastle Museum Model 2
GreenCastle Museum Model 3
GreenCastle Museum Model 4
Turlough Park Museum
Currach Collection
Museum Interior

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Name of vessel
12ft punt/
Builder of vessel
Unknown: Initially purchased in Crosshaven in the 1960's
Date of vessel
Some given dimensions of the yacht (LOA, LWL, Draft etc)
Length Overall ........................................12ft 0in
Beam......................................................4ft 6in
Scale of the model
Full Size Vessel
Owner's name / Home port.
Georgina Sutton, Inishannon, County cork.
General Description:
Replica of typical clinker-built rowing punt/yacht tender from Cork harbour in the mid 20th. century
Any other information.
This replica of a clinker-built rowing punt/yacht tender is typical of Cork harbour in the mid 20th. Century, where a number of boat-builders were turning out this type of craft on a regular basis before the advent of GRP. In contrast to other ports on the south coast clinker building was very popular in Cork Harbour, probably because of the Royal Navy influence. Repair of the existing boat [see Gallery] was not feasible so a replica was built from new by the boat-yard staff at Meitheal Mara in 2010.

This lovely 12ft punt was rescued by the staff at Meitheal Mara a few years ago, but when the owner requested a repair be carried out the boat was unfortunately too far gone. All is not lost however as the present owner agreed to a complete rebuild and this work has been completed at the Meitheal Mara Boatyard at Crosses Green.

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